Happy New Year!

Well it’s that time again – time for us to set new goals, break bad habits and make great plans for the future.  The New Year’s Resolution holds so much promise and possibility – but so much pressure too!  Making your Resolution a Reality should make you proud because it’s HARD WORK!  Of course no one knows what hard work is better than a parent, am I right?!

I once read that writing down and sharing your goals will make you feel more accountable to them, so I’m taking this opportunity to share my three New Year’s Resolutions with you:

  1. Spend more time with my children doing activities they love
    Every parent cherishes time with his or her kids and certainly I am no exception. However, looking back at 2015, I know I’ve been a little rigid when it comes to the activities we’ve done.  With dishes in the sink, or a planned outing that’s maybe more my idea than theirs, sometimes my kids’ favorite games have taken a backseat to my own agenda.  This year, if the laundry doesn’t get put away, or we don’t make it to the zoo, it will be worth it to make my kids feel more empowered to be a decision-maker.
  2. Build the Fresh Network to 10 Portland-Area schools
    KitchenFable is a brand new company with great ideas and a fantastic product (check out our sample edition of elementaryFRESH here!), and now all we need are the schools who are ready to get involved! For our inaugural publication season of the school year 2015-2016, I want our Fresh Network to boast 10 schools who will work with KitchenFable to provide the best nutritional content for their families.
  3. Follow my passions!
    2015 was a year of discovery and transition for me. I so enjoyed meeting local experts in the fields of health and fitness to build content for elementaryFRESH and learning all kinds of spectacular information about family nutrition.  This year, I want to spend even more time pursuing this passion of wellness – building a network of like-minded educators, professionals and parents who want to see their community grow in health and happiness.

This new year, I hope you too embrace the spirit of new beginnings and endless possibilities.  Whatever your goals for 2016 may be, I wish you strength, resolve…and just a little bit of luck.  And wherever you are, I wish you a Happy New Year!

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